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Monday, May 10, 2021

4,178 Dead On Jab, CDC Data -- Spreadsheet With Descriptions, Send to All Your Friends and Family. If This Doesn't Wake Them Up, Give Up


4,178 Deaths. CDC is on record as saying none of these deaths are related to the vaccine.   What does that say?

Please review the spreadsheet and comment.   Even non medical types should be able to draw some conclusions.  

In the average year 190M Flu vaccines are giving and about 30 deaths are reported to VAER 

I think we are around 120M COVID vaxxed now, and 4,178 deaths reported.   As of last week.   They are supposed to update every Monday, but it COB already on the mainland. 

Swine Flu was halted at 25 deaths and like 600 paralyzations <sic> 

Here is the CDC site, methinks they update it tomorrow.

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