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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

A Strategy For Post The Next Offensive -- Direct IP Addresses to Important Sites Where We Can Regroup

stock here MORE TO COME

I am fairly tech orientated, but I never got formal computer training past college, a few Excel and Pivot Table courses, but that's it.    Stuff like IP addresses is effectively a foreign language that I know how to work with, without really understanding it.    Similar to the way your dog knows what you want even though they don't truly understand.

So Jim Stone is promting the idea of "Direct IP Addresses", and he has been sucessful enough to have been totally attacked.

Here is the First ONE

Natural News.    Book Mark it and put it in a folder.   I will build them up here too, but after they pick the low hanging fruit, Nuke Pro will eventually be a target. 

Natural News - Mike Adams

Jim Stone

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