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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

ARizona Voting Corruption -- Total Blatant Dodging of Legal Subpoenas -- Send In The Guard and Take it All, Including Their Computers and Phones Now!


I will rejoice the day that Soros leaves this earthly plain and takes his residence in HELL.


  1. The dummies have spoken... Now to the tribunals...

    I honestly doubt they need to do too much more looking to say conclusively the fix was in... Trump won by a landslide and none more need be spent on the matter.

    I would rather spend that cash on TELEVISING the downfall of the persons doing this and all the murky deed supporting it.

    1. We can still dream masher, under the Dream Police fackt-chekas show up.

    2. You both will get to see the televising but it won't be any other than the trumpster that will be in the spotlight soon.

      Cyrus Vance Jr. just announced that the dumpster will be charged with civil and CRIMINAL charges this week. If convicted of a federal criminal charge the diaper boy will not be entitled to run for president in 2024, because he cannot escape PRISON with these charges against him. He can't bribe or make restitution to keep from going to prison. Can't wait to see the trumpster and dumpster kids on tv lying through their teeth to escape prison.

      The lord has answered my prayers.

      I'm so happy about this I think I'll post more often.

    3. For the left, the useful idiot speaks up. Note how they never mention "what crime", note also the early rumors is that it is the "Trump Organization" to be investigates by the most corrupt organization the SDNY. Whilst The BE goes through the motions, totally drugged out.

    4. This is the beast in question......


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