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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Biden, Looking Totally Drugged Up, Wears a Tie With All Sheep Scattered About


Your leaders and health directors......


  1. Dummy writes;
    “Whoever wrote the rant was not referring to temperature taking. which they've clearly tolerated.” That is not true, if your read my previous post you can clearly see that I addressed the vax issue also by directing you to the HIPPA link. READ IT !!!!

    Stock writes;
    “I have put up with the temperature checks, which are being performed by someone who is not a member of the medical profession."

    "Even that action is an invasion of your medical privacy. Since when does someone working at a restaurant, bar, etc. have the legal right to make a decision about your medical well-being based upon taking your temperature.
    These actions of "show me your papers," stops now!"

    This is stock talking about temperature. Stock also talks about proof of vac. There is no argument here. Stock can either show proof and enter the business or he can go sue them. End of story.
    Show me how this is a HIPPA violation.

    HIPPA for dummies;

    HIPPA states that this law protects the individual from illegal access to your medical records. The only person who can give consent is the individual, who voluntary gives the provider said information. If you tell your neighbor about your medical problems then this becomes "common knowledge" and is now NOT privileged. If you tell your doctor, who is bound by HIPPA then this information IS privileged and he cannot disclose your information, as he is legally bound.


  2. Taking your temperature is a medical procedure.
    Issuing a vax certificate is a medical record.

    Disclosing either is up to you. If someone like a bar owner asks to take your temp. he has every right to, for you to enter. If bar protocols ask to see your vax card, that bar owner has every right to. If you don't want to show him your card, he has every legal right to deny you service.
    It's that simple, end of story! You control your medical records. You don't get to control the bar owner’s protocol for protecting his guests. This is his business NOT YOURS.

    There is in the legal community an understanding of "equal protection under the law" clause exists. i.e., if you live in the country that allows shooting and hunting you can shoot a firearm on your land. Your neighbors, under the “equal protection clause” have the right to peace and quiet, along with verification that your shooting neighbor has a legitimate backstop etc.

    Taking the “equal protection under the law” clause there must be a law or regulation in place to have enforceability.
    There is no law binding the owner of the bar nor the guest wanting service.
    There is nothing binding upon the guest to show the vax record.
    There is nothing binding the bar owner to refuse service.

    In short, the choice of showing your vax card or having your temp. taken is up to you. No laws are being broken. The guest therefore has no legal standing to sue, just because he says so. When you step on the grounds and enter the establishment the owner can set forth any protocols, they so desire.



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