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Monday, May 3, 2021

CDC Encourages Non-Medical Civilians to Peer Pressure Nurses Into Getting The Jab, nuf said

And look at the cover photo.   3 HCW all wearing crappy masks with no metal at the nose piece, and the right side guy with a large bears, totally destroying any protection a mask might give him. 

What a farce this has been.   Disclaimer, real virus, overblown reaction on purpose.

And here is one piece of the "toolkit", apparently they think that American Indian and Alaska Natives can be lumped into one group.    That appears pretty racist to me, LOL.

And the fact sheet....if you get bad side affects like a high fever, thats good, it means the Jab is working!!    Oh my


Comment on Bullshit CDC piece that asks civilians to "encourage nurses" to get the Jab. 

This is priceless coming from the agency that changed amd downgraded its recommendation for healthcare PPE and isolation precautions in the heat of the pandemic when healthcare workers needed their guidance and protection the most.

 The CDC has lost its integrity and credibility with many healthcare workers. And no thank you, I don’t need uneducated, non-medical, unlicensed liberals telling me why I need to be vaccinated.


I think if these people, who supposedly have the education on these things, conscientiously opt out, then we should respect that and not condescend to think a “kit” can convince them otherwise. 


Michelle Jones Namminga

 If this was a pandemic like the Spanish Flu, there would be 11,200 dead in Hawaii. Instead there are 440 and 180 of those were added in just 1 day.


Elizabeth Alice

exactly. I trusted in vaccines. I vaccinated my kids. I did everything I was taught and told to do. Then I received the H1N1 shot at the hospital while working as a nurse and ended up hospitalized. I am now chronically ill and developed narcolepsy from that shot. No one, I repeat NO ONE, has the right to judge or ridicule those of us who DID and were HARMED. This whole thread has me so upset that some people are so heartless. They don't even acknowledge vaccine injury. They don't even care. They aren't aware a vaccine injury court exists. They don't even realize our congress exempted pharmaceutical companies from liability and who actually pays for the injuries and deaths....they do, the taxpayers. If everyone knew the truth they would think completely different and maybe have more respect for my body, my choice. 


I know more people that have had a stroke/heart attack/died after the vaccination than I do people who were actually sick with covid. I will not encourage my nurse friends to get the vaccine. In fact most of the nurses that I know have said they will quit their jobs before they will get the vaccine. 

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