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Friday, May 28, 2021

CDC Scrubbing VXX Deaths


  1. Definition of kibitzer: A Yiddish term meaning a spectator at a card game who looks at the players' cards over their shoulders, especially one who gives unsolicited advice; a giver of uninvited or unwanted advice; a person who jokes, chitchats, or makes wisecracks, especially while others are trying to work or to discuss something seriously.

    In college (where else?!) as a serious student and player of Contract Bridge (not necessarily in that order), the odd man out -- men's dormitory, not a sexist bone in this body -- would morph instantly into a kibitzer. At times, my partner and I would suspect skulduggery. The kibitizer would comment in a manner that assisted our opposing couple!

    In commenting yet again on a serious, COVID-related post here at nukepro, I self-identify with "kibitzer" in the Game of COVID.

    I have observed, as have other perspicacious on-lookers, that a spate of recent and divisive stories -- Focus: COVID! -- have a common theme, if not meme. For example, one strand of this murky, sewage-drenched stream of thoughtlessness has THE VACCINATED making THE UNVACCINATED sick or worse. Another has THE VACCINATED more susceptible to, and more like to die, from a renewal of their COVID "signs and symptoms", perhaps being more receptive to reinfection or coming into contact with a beefed-up variant of THE VIRUS. As if the next stage of the PlannedDemic - vaccine passports - wasn't enough to drive a massive wedge between groups (or abstract groupings) of people, large and small.

    The trotting out of foreign, prominent scientists and doctors -- prophets from other lands much more believable than those holding forth in one's own country! -- to speak of one side or another in this grand attempt to divide and conquer appears to me evidence for my proposition. Even (a) the "scrubbing of vaccination-related deaths" and (b) the denial of life insurance to those who die in the population of THE VACCINATED illustrate the overarching strategy: By deception, divide and conquer.

    1. Your thoughts are well taken. After all, the central goal for several years (one could say decades) has been to divide people in as many ways as possible. The ultimate hatred....your ignorance and selfishness at not getting the jab is directly killing me or my grandma.

    2. So divisive that even highly liberal Majia now calls VXX "human sacrifice"


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