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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

China Fanned The Flames on The "Pandemic" Start -- They Did This For a Nefarious Reason

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ACD submitted a story linked here

It is a worthy endeavor to cast ones net widely in considering the events of the last 18 months.

And one comment in particular, which is more like an article in itself, nailed many points and I shall reproduce it here

The author is making the case that it was American intelligence who released the bio-weapon in China at the perfect time.

I think not, and will summarize my argument with just the following and only the following.    And this -- The article is too long.


One thing to never forget.    China was pimping out how horrible this thing was, 

1) With people falling over on the sidewalk dead.    

2) Hospitals lined with dead bodies reportedly, in bags lining the halls.    

3) Officials literally chaining people into their homes.

They fanned the flames and somehow came out with the least number of deaths.

 That needs to be never forgotten.


Mr Unz,

Thanks for another great thought provoking article.

What I cannot understand, however, is how certain facts and figures so prominently in all of your articles where other important data points have been completely overlooked. For example, point 6 above:

By “the second week of November” our Defense Intelligence Agency had already begun preparing a secret report warning of a “cataclysmic” disease outbreak in Wuhan

figures so prominently in your narrative. I suppose this is mainly in order to mitigate against the suspicion that this was just a unintentional “lab-leak”, and secondly to exonerate the Chinese as being the culprits and the US as being the perpetrators.

This sounds reasonable to me except that it completely overlooks the reality that a full month before the DIA began it’s report, the World Economic Forum, funded by its billionaire members to the tune of a $700,000/year membership dues, had staged Event 201 to simulate a world-wide Corona-virus pandemic. So far you have yet to even mention this shocking fact. Thus your thesis seems to suffer from a similar blind spot that the lab-leak hypothesis suffers. As a result, you’ve inferred what the US’s goals were: to stall China’s economy. The blow-back to the US constitutes a horrible “own goal” against it’s own interests.

However, this is not how western leaders have behaved overall in the aftermath of the outbreak. Just as soon as the pandemic was declared, Klaus Schwab, head of the WEF along with Prince Charles and many other members of the WEF, took to social media announcing the Great Reset. Stating point blank that the auspicious occasion of the COVID Pandemic is the catalyst for the world working towards a future in which “You will own nothing. And you will be happy!”, it’s obvious this announcement was the intended followup and response to Event 201 and the the WEF was fully aware of the impending catastrophe before US intelligence agencies were (unless of course the WEF works in tandem with US intelligence agencies).

We can draw some very obvious parallels here between COVID and 911. While I admit that merely drawing parallels between event a and event b doesn’t prove any theories as to the cause of either, it’s worth considering these parallels anyway, the parallels are quite astonishing.

I read with great interest your Pravda article on 911 and I agree with your conclusions. The Project for a New American Century, PNAC, with its deep ties to zionism and Israel infamously made the case for the US empire taking over multiple countries in the middle east. They wrote, however, that without a “catalyzing event” such as “a new Pearl Harbor”, their proposals would not succeed. Paul Wolfowitz, a member of PNAC with deep ties to Zionism, gave a speech at West Point in June 2001 where he discussed the necessity of rebuilding America’s defenses and explained the road to do so would be a long one absent some “catalyzing event like a new pearl harbor”.

According to retired US general Wesley Clark, just weeks after 911 the Pentagon circulated a memo indicating their intent to attack 7 middle eastern countries in 7 years.

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No wonder many have concluded that the perpetrators of 911 are Zionists. There are many indicators (too long for me to rehash here) that they knew an attack was imminent, and they had a plan formulated well in advance as to how the US was supposed to react to the event.

How a person can leave out of their analysis of the possible origins of the COVID pandemic the World Economic Forum’s advanced knowledge and their decisive action in the immediate aftermath, is beyond my current understanding. The parallels between the WEF and PNAC are astonishing.

Like Wolfowitz’s West Point speech, we have Fauci’s speech in which he declared that Donald Trump will face a pandemic crises in the coming years.

Now, you might point out that since most prominent WEF members are probably Americans, and Fauci obviously is, that this adds further evidence to your case that the US is behind it. However, president Obama forced Fauci to stop GOF research in the US which had been made illegal by his predecessor GW Bush. The fact that Fauci obstinately moved his operations to Wuhan in spite of official orders from US officials ought to give us pause enough to ask who Fauci’s sponsors really are and what their motivations were.

Here’s where the parallels to 911 end. While, it was perfectly reasonable in the aftermath of 911 to assume that such a monumental undertaking had to have state sponsors (either Israel or the US), it’s not so reasonable to assume the same about the outbreak of COVID. If anything the Anthrax scare taught us, is that it’s apparently easier to get biological warfare agents out of labs like Fort Detrick than we’d care to admit so that a little bribery or blackmail of its employees might suffice. And given the financial resources available to companies like Pfizer, or to the men of the WEF for that matter, there’s no reason to artificially limit our analysis to state actors –the USA and China– and use circumstantial evidence to rule out China, arriving at the USA by default. After all, just how many people does it take to release a virus in Wuhan while 300 US military personnel happen to be present?

If it had been the US, it’s almost as if they WANTED to make themselves one of the lead suspects. If not, couldn’t they have used some “privateers”, perhaps members of the triads or some anti-communist Chinese to do their dirty work? Certainly there were countless avenues open to US intelligence agencies to covertly open small vials of viral matter into a wet market in such a way that didn’t automatically draw attention to the US.

President Trump had given a speech to the WEF a few years back which closely resembled the one given recently by Vladimir Putin who told them they could go shove their Great Reset where the sun doesn’t shine. Trump’s speech which was before the WEF’s announcement of the Great Reset, and to their apparent horror he spoke about how every national leader has a moral obligation to do what’s in the best interest of their nations. In response, George Soros gave a speech in which he declared that Donald Trump is a “danger to the whole globe”. I believe there were former high ranking US military present that agreed with that assessment, although the names escape me. I do know that “Mad Dog” Mattis recently stated that “America First” is a dangerous idea which must be removed by President Biden from the US’s agenda. It seems as though high ranking military personnel have been groomed and indoctrinated into a globalist agenda, the leaders of which simply do not care about the USA per-se other than using us as their attack dogs whenever they need us. If anything, it would be advantageous for them to destroy our standard of living.

As you know President Trump was driven from office by Biden’s “Biggest Voter Fraud Organization in the History of the US”, along with a “cabal” of wealthy US elites (according to a Time Magazine article) and shortly after John Kerry announced to the WEF that Biden was “fully on board” with the Great Reset. You know as well as I do that Trump’s policies were quite friendly to zionism and Israel. On the other hand his policies were an anathema to the WEF. This shouldn’t be a surprise given that Biden’s campaign slogan was identical to the WEF’s, “Build Back Better.” This same slogan was being repeated ad nauseam by all the usual suspects including Justin Trudeau. The fact that COVID and our nation’s reaction to it also seemed suspiciously calculated to hurt Donald Trump’s re-election chances, COVID has been a “win-win” to a number of parties. The fact that apparently deadlier strains were used to target Iran’s leaders with was likely a bargain to keep Zionists on board with it all (it’s doubtful something like this could be done without Israel’s Mossad knowing about it. Better bring them into the action). If we only ask ourselves “Cui bono?”, the answer is clear: the very billionaires who demonstrated the earliest knowledge of the pandemic also had a detailed response plan in place that they are carrying out in full force.

In short, I don’t think this was an “own goal” by western powers. US Intelligence agencies may or may not have been directly involved in perpetrating it, if they did they did it on behalf of billionaires (which is not surprising) and they obviously see COVID’s effect on Europe and the US as a feature not a bug. Also, some of these WEF billionaires are Europeans not Americans. I know I’m not addressing every single one of your points. However, I think most of it, with enough exposition, could be encompassed by the phrase “It’s all about the Great Reset!”

In any event, I would appreciate hearing your careful consideration and opinions of the WEF, Klaus Schwab (Henry Kissinger’s protege) and their Great Reset. To me this whole thing is so reminiscent of the communist takeover of 1917 and it’s difficult to imagine that there isn’t a connection to COVID-19.



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