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Monday, May 24, 2021

COVID VXX Wipes Out Your Natural Immune System, You Get an Odd Sickness As mRNA Programs Your Body to Produce Spikes, Wiping Out Immune, Now You Are Wide Open For COVID

There I have to say it.   Hopefully in months it will become common knowledge.

I had the COVID in early 2020, it hit me 14 days after a flight from Honolulu to the mainland on Jan 17th.    So A LOT of people on that plane going into Chicago were carrying the COVID.    It was a "weird flu" that I knew I could "whoop" in about a day, and I whooped it in about a day.

So I have good immunity against COVID, which worked fine for over a year, living 99% mask free.   UNTIL -- I got a contagion of mRNA from being around heavily VXXed people.

It happened to me.    I got the VXX Contagion from a Honolulu Restaurant, 2 days later had a weird "Flu" whooped it with the "protocol" quickly. 

4 days later, came down with COVID, whooped it with the Protocol. 

This is a great time to avoid crowds, avoid air travel.   Mask up

Yes I said that!!!

MASK UP with an effective N95 mask worn properly, shave your damn beard if you have one.   Do not get inadvertently Jab Jumped. 


The Red Cross will not accept Plasma donations, if you got the Jab

This information is "going viral", and everyone is running stories to try to confuse, to "run interference"

Look at this Bullshit that the Red Cross has now produced in order to pretend that their prior ban on donating plasma is not actually not in place and instead has been replaced with a "lack of demand".

May 24th, 2021

Q: Are individuals who received a COVID-19 vaccine eligible to give COVID-19 convalescent plasma?
A: While the FDA allows people who have received a COVID-19 vaccine to donate dedicated COVID-19 convalescent plasma within six months of their infection of the virus, the Red Cross discontinued dedicated COVID-19 convalescent plasma donations on March 26 due to declining hospital demand and sufficient industry supply.

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