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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Did the Lockdowns, Fear, Misinformation, Bacteria Filled Mask Really Kill Hundreds of Thousands, Way more Death in 2029/2021 Than The Prior Year

 stock here, wrap your head around this one.    And then compare it to the lower chart.....The Biden Entity has not just cured COVID, It has cured death overall.   At about 3 weeks, 92.9% of the deaths have been reported.

Sure sometimes an autopsy or review needs to be done, or a review, but the delay in reporting deaths is horrendous.   Real time decisions cannot be made.   They should require all states to report in 2 days max, and then update the record as more information becomes available. 

Welcome to your future of the fact checker, they want crappy data like VAERS so they can spin it anyway they want, AND so they are less likely to be held accountable.

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