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Monday, May 24, 2021

Eye of Africa - Atlantis -- The Richat Structure

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And the CIA is in on this one too.....


All the pieces of the puzzle fit if only the likes of Brian Forester, Graham Hancock, Doug Vogt, Diamond of magnetic reversal news , Ben from suspicious observers, Jimmy from bright insight, Randal Carlson and throw in some other "not on the government payroll" scientists, biologists, and paleontologist .....,.......... seems so clear what happened and what is happening again and why the "Rich and infamous" "elite" "world rulers" or whatever want it covered up... 

we are heading for pole shift/geomagnetic reversal and the oceans will leave their beds and travel East when the earth stops spinning right after the sun micronovaes and short circuits our big electric motor we all live on, then the discharge from the sun burns the earth facing side of the sun instantly while the dark side of the earth at that moment gets washed away with miles deep ocean contents while the oxygen that's burned on the novae side gets stolen from the dark side and replaced with space air.. 

"Chan Thomas" CIA study Adam and Eve tells what temp it would take to flash freeze a mastodon , any guesses? -200F... any guesses on space temp?... yup -200F.....🤔 the whole world cataclysm explained.. anyone doubt the recurring novae from a star(sun)? 

There is hundreds found and reported on and studied on from the fancy alphabet agencies... ours just happens to be 12k years.. coincidence?, no such thing...

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