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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Facebook Discussion on COVID Vax, A Great Divide

Marshall Warner Jennifer Hoffmann if they did wouldn't the FDA approve them? Why does the CDC hold patents on some of the vaccines? Why does dr. Anthony fauci on a big part of Pfizer? Why is it that these people are pushing an Experimental Cocktail upon the population under the guise of a national emergency? Because that removed any liability to the government or the vaccine company while at the same time allowing them to sell contracts to the government to use their own vaccines on the population but the FDA will not approve them! Vaccine companies refuse to release a full list of ingredients to any of the vaccines the vaccine companies refuse to release any of the animal testing data to the public. Yeah all that sounds like it's really safe secure and for the best interest of me and my children sure right ---------------------------------------------------------------- Every word of your rant is either misleading or flat-out false. The CDC holds patents on vaccines because - you guessed it - they developed these technologies, and patenting them themselves prevents commercial entities from patenting them and making vaccines more expensive. The CDC makes a pittance from vaccine patents, and it all goes straight back into their work. Animal trials never released? What's this then, Scotch mist? I don't have time to debunk all of this rubbish, but it is incumbent upon you to do better, to check your facts and to try and be less gullible. Tom Hunsicker Following a recent report from Project Veritas revealing insider info from Facebook whistleblowers relating to the company’s handling of vaccine discussion, James O’Keefe and his investigative team have now revealed that the company “filters” content that expresses vaccine skepticism based on values such as supporting liberty or personal religious beliefs. Breitbart News recently reported that Project Veritas allegedly spoke with two Facebook whistleblowers that revealed a trove of internal Facebook documents detailing a plan to curb “vaccine hesitancy” (VH) on a global scale. The goal of the feature is reportedly to “drastically reduce user exposure” to VH comments. · Reply · 1h Rick Grover Tom Hunsicker project Veritas? Lmao. Breithart news? Lmao

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