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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

First Mom To Ever Appeal to Board of Education --- in 2018: Hawaii Government Is So Corrupt People Don't Even Attempt To Get Justice


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    Sherrie Kita If I had kids I would be doing more than blogging....make a hui, and get in their masked faces
  • Sherrie Kita
    French Solaras I was the first parent EVER to appeal our county DOE and the state BOE. I was SHOCKED that I made history as the FIRST parent to EVER appeal the DOE in 2018.
    I couldn’t even find an attorney on Kauai or Oahu to help me sue the county and state for a CPS matter in 2018 either.
    The attorney’s bottom line, “the state will drag the lawsuit out for years and it will cost too much.”
    I advocated for our homeless on Kauai and even emailed the Gov in 2018.
    The state of Hawaii corruption runs DEEP and very WIDE.
    Look at our councilman Arthur Brun. NO ONE in the county knew he was running a drugs, guns and sex trafficking on Kauai for TWENTY years?! He was collecting his salary all the way to his trial and conviction.
    Look around. We have more complacent and compliant people on Kauai and HI.
    I’m just grateful to the handful who stand up and speak the obvious facts and truths.
    Diehard locals and residents HATE US, BLAME US, wants us DEAD from the Rona and move to TX and FL.
    They are visceral and MEAN.
    I have family that took the jab. My kids peers took the jab. There is so soooo much generational misinformation that people BELIEVE that the only way to get back to “normal” is this experimental GMO TRIAL.
    If it is true that the vaxed can transmit the GMO spike proteins to the unvaxed, then the powers that be introduced a lethal and effective bioweapon for systemic genocide and eugenics.
    80 years after WWII, people forgot the history of the Nazi regime.
    It is just so very sad overall what is happening in real time.
    Like there are 2 timelines....UNREAL.

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