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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

How to Communicate With Blue Pill Zombies

I am not recommending the $75.00 course, just saying.

Point One, stay as far away from facts as possible.

Ask them then most basic rudimentary questions...You have to let them come to their own conclusions....

He makes the point that most people are in a juxtaposition in which they can tip one way, or the wrong way at any time.    As opposed to being so entrenched under hundreds of lies that all need to swept away or they grab back like an octopus.....

The best pysops in the world are based on simply asking questions.

Or the "it's a big scam so don't even worry about it", and walk away.

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from the article......

If you're anything like me you've probably been spending a considerable amount of time over the past year and a half wondering in bewilderment how so many people around the world could buy into the mainstream narrative...

Why things that might seem so obvious to you just seem like wacky conspiracy theories to others.

...and you've probably wondered how to properly get through to people, and why normal sane and logical conversations don't seem to work.

There must be a hidden aspect of human psychology and subconscious programming involved that few people know how to navigate.

Fortunately, a couple people have actually figured it out.

Larkin and Amanda Rose are two experts that have developed a method of communication that actually works in helping people "de-program" people who have been brainwashed, and how to actually trigger people to start thinking for themselves.

The method is extremely simple, and completely counter intuitive

I've been studying their material and in this video I share with you everything I've learned from "Candles in the Dark"


  1. On what "authority" do you/thy posit that no one/nothing extrinsic has "authority" ?

    What precisely/specifically is "authority" epistemologically ?

    1. Although not the author, I posit that "authority" is a voice in your head that you would actually listen too and believe, at least to take action on pending further hypothesis' and testing of such.

    2. Thanks Stock .

      I suppose my question is directed at the basis of 'knowing' , itself . It suggests a need to justify any moral/ethical 'ought' , grounded in one's cosmology .

  2. Should read : ..."you/they" ...oops .

    Timothy Grady .


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