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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

If You Get the VXX AND You Get COVID, You Have a 10 Times Higher Chance of Death, Then If You Just Get COVID In The Wild

CDC says that if you got the Jab, and you get a "breakthrough case" of COVID, then you have around
a 2% chance of dying from the COVID.

UH!  That is 10 Times Higher Than Your Risk From COVID "In The Wild"

 Multiple studies have found that COVID-19 has an infection fatality rate of between 0.02% and 0.8%. An October 2020 paper by Professor John Ioannidis showed the infection fatality rate for COVID-19 to be around 0.15%-0.2%. This brings it close to seasonal flu which is around 0.1%-0.2%.

The infection fatality rate (IFR) is an estimated death rate in all those who have been infected with a disease. This includes those who have been found to be infected (called ‘cases‘), as well as those who were undetected, either because they have not been tested or are not showing symptoms.

Prof. John Ioannidis, professor of epidemiology at Stanford University in California, have concluded that the mortality rate is closer to 0.2 per cent – 1 in 500 infected die. Around 45,000 Covid deaths in the UK

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