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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

In-The-Sky.Org Your Guide to the Night Sky -- Super Moon Eclipse Tonight

The Moon will pass through the Earth's shadow between 23:45 and 02:52 HST, creating a total lunar eclipse. The eclipse will be visible any location where the Moon is above the horizon at the time, including from Oceania, the Americas and Eastern and Southeast Asia.

It will be visible from Waipahu in the southern sky. The Moon will lie 46° above the horizon at the midpoint of the eclipse.

The total eclipse will last from 01:12 until 01:26. The Moon will be partially eclipsed between 23:45 and 02:52 (all times given in Waipahu time).

The simulation to the right shows Moon's path relative to the Earth's shadow. The outer grey circle is the Earth's penumbra, within which the Earth blocks part of the Sun's light, making the Moon appear less bright than usual, but not completely dark. The inner black circle is the umbra, within which the Earth entirely blocks the Sun's light, making the Moon's disk appear entirely unilluminated.  

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