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Monday, May 10, 2021

Israel Wants You To Get The Jab? But They Seem Kind of Nefarious, Like Maybe They Are Taking Saline, Whilst You Are The Experiment, I am The Control Group

 So nothing to date has any data about whether the Jab protects from COVID.

We know that if you are Jabbed, and get COVID, you have DOUBLE the chance of dying.

But are your chances of getting COVID lessened by the Jab.   In this here study they say it is a big difference.

But gosh golly, they sure go through a hella lot of fancy stuff here.......why?

The stats are really this simple:

  • Got COVID with Symptoms/Got Jab

  • Got COVID with Sympton/Nogo on Jab

  • Got COVID Asymptomatic/Got Jab

  • Got COVID Asymptomatic/Nogo on Jab
------------------------------------------------------------- so WTF?

Methinks the lady doth calculate too MUCH!

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