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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

It Is The Year 2022, And What They Need Most is Soylent Green

 Last week, the sky had the same changes, although not so obvious, above my head. The
blue was being replaced with the strange white sameness that does not resemble the cloudy skies from my memory. This has occurred so frequently and over decades that it would cause me to question the differences. However, there are still times when real cloud cover makes an appearance to show the reality that our atmosphere is being chemically manipulated on a global scale. Sadly, only those with such memories of an Earth without whiteness are dying, leaving our progeny to acceptance. Having questioned the people near me on occasion, I am left with the belief that they think that there is something wrong with me; and not my surroundings.

I often think about the final scenes in the movie, “Soylent Green” when a dying Edgar G. Robinson has been placed into a room with a montage of the Earth as it had been, especially the vision of the Monarch Butterfly has meaning to me since it has been years since I last saw one. His friend, Charlton Heston visits him, the contrast to the different environments is startling. Robinson wonders if the Earth really looked that way in the past.
That is only a part of the plot of the movie, but as a young woman it made a lasting impact. It led to questioning, cognition, deep concern for environmental issues, and more. As the Mayan Calendar ended in the year 2012, continual conversations became rampant as to the meaning. When nothing happened, most people forgot.
But there are some, like myself, who are witnessing nature entering a time of extremities as the planet and the Solar System have placed the Earth, as we know it, into an obvious phase of extinction while preparing for a rebirth. It is doubtful that a remnant of our species will be welcomed back.

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