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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Its Bad Luck To Pimp Your Vaccine Recipient On the Net, Another Death of High Profile Oracle

So, this guy unfortunately just died of the China Virus...which is, indeed sad...and he will surely be missed by his family, friends and work associates at Oracle.
What is surprising, is that he was outspoken on social media about, not only, being "vaccinated" against the China Virus but, perhaps ironically, being responsible for creating Oracle's 'V-SAFE' app which is designed to "keep COVID-19 vaccines safe".

According to his obit...he died from the China Virus at age 54.

Unfortunate and sad loss...but, curious as wel

-----------------------==================== His Twitter is still up

This comment was particularly brutal, but Kallman was the creator of "v-safe" a  propaganda and tracking software to feed into the CCP social credit scoring system.

Honestly, he didn't die from covid.

God probably killed him for trying to take part in communism..aka ccp social credit scoring larping as vaccine passports.

The Bill Gates' of earth should take notice.

We're not going to hang out in an open air tech prison, so they can chill with Epstein some more.

God has spoken and he does not approve.

There is a Remembering Joel page here, no one touches on why did he die so young?

----------------------------------- Here is another guy At Oracle responsible for the Social Credit Scores and Tracking Systems

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