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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Kyle Rittenhouse - What We Knew Then

Attack on 2A: Kenosha Attempted Prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse Is Criminal (QRV)

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Excellent presentation of the video evidence. It misses a few things. The "plastic bag" carried by the 36YO child rapist who was killed in the attack and response likely an incendiary device or something else nasty, which was tossed at Kyle and which the cro-magnum man Napoleon small guy threw.

But without addressing an important point about Kyle's possession of a rifle, it leaves the "argument" but the lefties too easy. They say "what kind of a mom would drive their son to a protest with a rifle", and they say he transported an illegal rifle across state lines. Total bullshit. Kyles job was as a lifeguard in Kenosha, Mom drove him to work. He was to stay with a friend in Kenosha, and they went on a mission to protect businesses in Kenosha and provide medical support to anyone injured. At this time, his friend is not mentioned specifically, and he and his family, if under 18 would likely become embroiled in all this for "aiding and abetting" which is total bullshit too.

My detailed read of the Wisconsin state law, indicates that even at 17 he was 100% legal in carrying that rifle. You need juice, read it here:

Regardless of whether he was 100% OK with open carry of that rifle, if it that well studied determination is wrong, he was still totally justified in his self defense. His 3 injured attackers were all real pieces of work, he had more attackers too. Not to throw that as an adhominem, but past history of assault and sexual abuse and assault and gun crimes does indicate the nature of the attackers, and that does not justify that some died, it indicates their predisposition to be slimy people.

Kyle Rittenhouse's lawyer's, released an extensive news release, and they would not have done that outside of discovery unless the facts were very clear. Here it is. The left and libs want your guns and rifles and shotguns, and they want you to be brought on charges for defending yourself. Like the St Louis couple. 

The huge fly in the ointment here for the prosecution is that each time the kid was trying to get away, was being actively attacked and that the one guy who started shit had been engaging in arson and the reason he was going after Kyle was because Kyle had attempted to put out the fire. Another huge problem prosecution has is that Kyle was fired at first. We all know that now. We all saw it. Basically, their case is OVER. Oh, BTW, all your posts have been flagged for multiple accounts. All of them. Bitch just went down the page flagging.

and THIS!

Where I live it is illegal to possess a long gun, rifle or shotgun, under the age of 18 unless under the direct supervision of an adult. That said, it was not uncommon for my dad to drop me off at 9 or 10 years of age at a hunting spot in the pre-dawn darkness with a rifle, then ride off a mile or two to his spot. Direct supervision? Who cares? It’s really nobody’s business outside of my family. Would I do it with my son when he was 10? Nope. Times have changed and he is not the brazenly virile stud that I am. But he has come a long way toward it with my parenting skills and by me being his role model. Why, just the other night we were dining out. His steak came out under-cooked and he demanded that the bitch take it back to the kitchen and cook it right. They brought it out a second time still fucked up, and he demanded that the bitch take it back and fix it. The third time it came out messed up he explained to the bitch that obviously they cannot prepare a proper steak and to take it off the bill. All this is under my elite parenting supervision, but he performed and is coming out of his shell to become an assertive alpha just like his dad. Of course, I had his back, making a few dispatching comments about the cook and to the manager about her clear inability to distinguish rare from medium rare. My verbatim advice to him was something like “Tell the bitch to take it back and get it right”. No, they never got it right; their effort had to be euthanized. But nobody got walked on. Besides making sure your kid has a value skill or trade he can take with him out into the world that will allow him to earn a living, the next most important thing you must teach them is how not to get walked all over. If you have ever noticed, those people who walk all over others are neither alphas nor betas. Instead, they are slippery shitheads who are social parasites. These people do not deserve a second of your time. Use them for the services they provide and nothing more. If you try to consort with these people they will take advantage of you, first borrowing money, then stealing it. The bitches go psycho on you and turn up pregnant, plus they give you VDs. Their friends and families start asking to use you as references and to co-sign loans. It’s just an annoying thing. I stopped consorting with people like this when I was in my 20s. Interestingly, in addition to not hanging with parasites, I don’t like ultra upper-crust people either; I.e., the people who act like they have some sort of aristocratic entitlement based on who they are and where they live. These people bug the shit out of me. These personal limits I place on my social world tend to reduce the pool of available pussy for me to choose from and devour. In addition, there is the issue of politics; I can’t be with a leftist twat. I mean, I’ll bang them; but they got to fucking leave immediately thereafter. 5minutes of talk with one of them and cerebral brain bubbles start forming in my head. And now that I am pushing 50 hard, the overall fuckworthiness of my contemporaries is dwindling. Whereas I used to fantasize about blasting a load onto Cindy Crawford’s face, now I am fantasizing about Amy Barrett. What the fuck happened to me?!? But I digress.

So since the kid had not reached the age of majority, then there could have been some sort of “direct supervision” caveat. Hell, I live in a free state and we got it here. Of course, most of Wisconsin is rural and boys grow up hunting there.

But even if there is such a caveat in the law there, it would only be a misdemeanor. Thus, there would be no liability for homicide with a misdemeanor charge as predicate (I.e., analogous to felony murder; some states had a stupid quasi-felon- murder statute where they held you liable for involuntary manslaughter if there is a homicide during the commission of a misdemeanor (but all these statutes have, I think, been struck down now as unconstitutional drivel).

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