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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Luc Montagnier -- Nobel Prize Winner in Viruses -- Needs to Be On Your Radar -- When The Fact Checkers Show Up, You Need to Pay Attention to This Gentleman


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  1. Too many red flags for me to believe. Nobel Prize? Politicized to the point of meaningless. Recall Obummer won the "Peace Prize". And a Nobel Prize for "discovering" HIV? Jon Rappoport cut his teeth on debunking and refuting the HIV|AIDS scam. A Nobel Prize in this case awarded to shore up that hoax.

    Discernment. Note the layer of COVID dialecticswhere this guy pops up. SAR-CoV-2 is real (arguably not, still debatable, actual existence remains unproven by strict scientific criteria); COVID the disease CAUSES deaths and "cases", a great many according to governments and public health minions.

    NOW that we have feet firmly planted on shifting sand, let's debate "mass vaccinations" vs. alternative treatments -- pick one, say, hydroxychloroquine! Seems to me we played through this hole last year with Didier Raoult, another esteemed Frenchman, the aging hippy with a skull-like ring on his righthand pinky.

    Sorry, been there, done that. In my opinion, Luc Montagnier works as controlled opposition to further the COVID caper.


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