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Monday, May 3, 2021

Mel Gates Now Acting As The Voice Of The Cabal -- Saddle American Businesses With Extra Costs, Lower Productivity, Just as Inflation Rages Too: Crush Consumers Too!

Hilarious...I write this first article dedicated to Melinda Gates (who now writes her name as Melinda French Gates, and 10 minutes later the news of their divorce is announced.

I guess the French part will get "her" more suitors.

So one of them became just SO EVIL that the other Evil one couldn't even stand them.

Oh ya sure....perfect time to saddle American businesses with more cost, that will be passed on to consumer, as a flood of inflation comes too.

On LinkedIn, the perspectives are interesting. They obviously break down into liberal and conservative types.


These Gates folks are enemies of humanity, at least of the USA. They sure kill and injure enough kids oversees though too.

Just how the heck would this have any benefit to our economy?


This is the moment advocates have been working for and US families have been waiting for. Congress and the White House have a historic opportunity to pass a comprehensive paid leave policy—for the wellbeing of our families, the health of our economy, and the speed of our recovery.

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