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Friday, May 28, 2021

Moderna -- From Their Own Website -- Calls Their Jab an "Operating System"

I'll just leave this here and wait for some Troll to say "no way, no proof" that is not on the Moderna Website. 


  1. I will link this in return for you.
    This is AMAZING!!!!!! And horrible!

    1. Yes and you are the "hard drive" the storage system.....

    2. Satanic....666. Its all here.
      Most people dont even think so. Just WTF DO they think it is?

      I hope a LOT of people see this. My god.
      Just awful.
      Thank you again for trying to save people...even tho most are ignorant idiots, sadly.
      I left NYC yrs ago. I could see what was coming.

  2. The very 1st jab is the mark of the beast. 2nd shot dont matter as its done. Its not a precurser. It is the mark. Mark of beast system isnt fully operational world wide yet but will be soon. Goal is to get everyone jabbed once as the system ramps up. Oh, the unjabbed can still buy and sell. Just wait a little longer and that goes away.see anthony patch as he shows it all the best by documents. Hes long winded and goes into minute detail but its very clear. Nice people go to the pit. Its sad but it is so. Only good news i have for the jabbed is while hellfire is eternal, the rubbush thrown in is comsumed out of existance at different rates based on sin weight. Some burn long and some like a water drop go poof in an instant. Many border line folk may go poof and not suffer but their soul is still destroyed and they have no eternity with Christ nor their loved ones there. Have absorbed hundreds of hours of data. So much i cant recall so much but the impression of the totality of the info gives a true conclusion.


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