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Friday, May 7, 2021

“Natural Immunity vs Vaccinated." Getting Jabbed Increases Your Chances Of Dying in Two Ways!

 “Natural Immunity vs Vaccinated."

The common narrative is that vaccination is better than natural immunity for Covid 19.

I am a nonbeliever based on data and evidence.

Here's why, the Covid 19 vaccines encode for one protein, the Spike protein of the virus. This means your immune system develops antibodies to that one protein, which it's is theorized to be the business end of the virus.
The Covid 19 virus actually has 29 proteins, the N, the S the nucleocapsid, the membrane etc.. when a person contracts the virus naturally they create antibodies to many of these proteins not just the spike protein, which would suggest better overall protection against variants and severe cases of re-infection.
There are 9245 breakthrough cases among fully vaccinated persons. The infection fatality rate (IFR) in these people is HIGHER than the people who were not vaccinated and got Covid.
The IFR for Covid is 0.8% but among vaccinated breakthrough cases the IFR is 1.427%
I know you don't believe me so I left my source.”
Source: Dr. Anthony Talorico —thank you for your wisdom.

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