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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Near and Dear to My Heart: Was Hawaii Sold to USA or Was It "Taken Over By Force"

Very curious, I have not vetted the information presented, but I have also never in the past caught Anna stretching the truth. 

Noted the Bishop Trust is very well endowed, perhaps some of the money went there. 


By Anna Von Reitz

The last Queen of Hawaii and her ministers sold the land mass of Hawaii because they knew that if they didn’t do so, they would be over-run by the Chinese or the Japanese. That same reality remains.

We have the records showing the sale of Hawaii and the source of the funds (we were that source) but we have no records related to where the money went after it left the coffers of The United States of America. It is most likely that there is a “managed fund” set up somewhere in the Hawaii State Trust accounting for all that money.

Neither the former Queen nor her Ministers lived super-opulent lifestyles after the sale, and her living relatives have lived modestly, so it is unlikely that they kept the money for themselves.

No Treaty was necessary as this was a sale transaction and the Queen and her cabinet had the authority to do it. From reading the record, they were caught between a Chinese rock and a Japanese hard place. If they wanted United States protection they had to grant the Americans an ownership interest—- otherwise we could not intervene on Hawaii’s behalf, and we could not legally establish Territorial military outposts in Hawaii.

Anyway, the point is that the United States did not coerce the Queen into abdication. The whole situation and the elements of coercion that were part of it, were the result of Chinese and Japanese interests that were eyeing Hawaii like a bone ripe for a tug-of-war.

The Queen and her Ministers (wisely, in my opinion) did not want to see their country embroiled in a war between China and Japan, and they didn’t want to see the Hawaiian people subjugated to the victor in either case, so they actively sought protection as an American Territory.

Far from leaning on the Queen and forcing her to abdicate— which is the Urban Legend— the US had to be talked into it, because defending Hawaii against the combined Pacific Powers of China and Japan is a tall order on the best of days, and those were not the best of days. Remember that our Navy in the Pacific at the time of the Queen’s abdication was barely able to protect commercial shipping from Korean pirates. The deal with Hawaii ultimately required vast outlays of investment in military infrastructure and also civilian infrastructure in Hawaii, plus vast investment to bulk up the Navy in the Pacific.

Yes, there were industrialists and defense contractors and military gurus pushing the agenda, but there were also industrialists and defense contractors and military gurus pushing against buying into Hawaii’s defense predicament. The other camp thought the defense of Caribbean and South American interests and the Panama Canal were more important.

In the end, it was the King of England that decided the issue and accepted the abdication and all the investment obligations “for” us, and it was our money and our manpower expended to do it all. The King was concerned about the weakness of the Pacific Fleet and wanted to extend not only his power through his command of our Navy on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, but also wanted to beef up protection of his interests around the Pacific Rim— at our expense, of course.

There are also questions raised about the “legality” of Hawaii’s inclusion as a State, as our actual Government was not in Session at the time and the Federal Republic was long since dormant. How, people wonder, could the U.S. Congress pull off the requirements to make Hawaii a State of the Union?

The short answer is that the U.S. Congress could not and did not accomplish that. It did the same thing with Hawaii that it had been doing with the Western States ever since the Civil War —- conferred “Territorial Statehood” on it, installed a British Territorial State-of-State as custodian — and shut their mouths.

Hawaii, like Alaska, Utah, Idaho, Montana, etc., were never States of the Union, and all for the same reason, until October 1, 2020, when a Roll Call vote of the pre-Civil War State Assemblies completed their retroactive enrollment as States of the Union.

That is, despite the impression that Hawaii and other States had left “Territorial Status” a long time ago, they were not actually States of the Union; they were only being treated as such and managed as State Trusts.

Always remember that our actual Government is not vested in any kind of “legislature”. Our foreign territorial subcontractor which functions as a democracy uses a legislature to set public policies, rules, codes, and regulations for their employees and dependents, so acting through a “legislature” is appropriate for them and applies to their custodial duties as assigned by The Northwest Ordinance.

It’s important for Hawaiians to realize that (1) the same fears of Chinese or Japanese invasion that created the situation in the first place are still well-justified and (2) they have been living under the Queen’s foreign thumb as a Territorial State and have never gotten to enjoy the rights and advantages of an actual State of the Union —- until this past October.

Before people go blaming us and reacting against things that the Territorial Subcontractor has done, or proposing to enslave themselves again to a Monarch—- they should give themselves a chance to take up the responsibility of self-governance in earnest and join their State Assembly with a clear vision and willingness to work.

This is the first time since Captain Cook that they have had the opportunity to steer their own boat and take charge of their destiny. I encourage each and every Hawaiian to do so—- lawfully and peacefully. Their actual State Assembly is now in Session and the power of the actual sovereign State is in their hands for the first time.

Need I add that their help is needed? Our whole country has been abused and misused for generations and its “All hands on deck!” for every American, not only to save their own bacon, or their own State, but the entire country and the world as we know it.

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  1. I always had the impress Dole (pineapple king) wanted to avoid the import tax on his product and pushed for statehood.
    The book Imperial San Francisco recounts the attempt by the US the US to invade China. They invaded Philippines to get a foothold but Japan beat the US in the race to steal China's resources (coal, oil etc.).
    In Mr. Wilson's War, John Dos Passos says Hoover in his early career, was expert in mining and went to China to evaluate coal rersources.


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