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Friday, May 7, 2021

Peak "Shedding" -- Stay Away From Vaxxed People, At Least for A Few Weeks, It Hit Me HARD


OK lets come clean on the word "shed". Shed, by definition, only applies to virus', and the Vax in its claimed form is not a virus, but an mRNA (messenger RNA). The mRNA cannot BY DEFINITION by "shed" but it can be transmitted, and clearly that is being done. For now I have coined the "Jab Jump".

I'll try to add a chart showing vaccinations over time, but having trouble with the Github. This could then be extrapolated by bell curve to show "peak" shed, and when it is a fairly safe zone to congregate and fly.

My Physician Assistant Friend who is helping with some COVID research and sharing
her own slice of life in the field knowledge advised me that shedding is only for viruses, and we need to use a different word like transmission. I kind of like Jab-Jump.

Actually you might want to now change course. We are at peak "Vax Shedding" which will decrease with time.

I went to restaurant on May 4th in Honolulu, and May 6th I woke up quite sick. Pretty sure I had mRNA transmitted from that crowd. Doing better now I followed the treatment protocol for COVID and it seems to be working.

I switched from non-masker to wearing my N-95. What say you now?

 viral shedding of SARS-CoV-2 has been found to have a median duration of 12 to 20 days, with a persistence that can reach up to 63 days after initial symptom onset.

An OK, and necessary assumption, is that "transmission" of the mRNA from person to person likely matches the shedding of the COVID and that it is a normal curve.   We dont know the standard deviation, but lets assume the 63 days is a 2 or 3 sigma, and thus your received MRNA load should be just a fraction at 63 days, say 2%.

Similar to challenging a Monkey with a titre-load of virus, the less titres, the less likely the magnitude and quantity of different effects. 

But Hawaii continues to mislead people as per this---


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  1. Mask?

    You are front line during all of this stock, and we had the knowledge that the ones who got the jab could be super-spreaders and yet here it is. I'm heading to the bunker!

    God's Speed Brother, to you and yours.
    You make the world a safer place for those who take the time to read and study. You're a Love Warrior, one who sacrifices self for others to prevail.


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