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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Protocols For COVID / FLU Treatment At Home -- Simple Bullet Item Approach May Save Your Life

stock here:

We need a simple way to approach treatment, especially at the onset. 

The business as usual, 2 aspirin and rest, is not good enough.

And more complicated approaches are just not going to reach most people, their eyes will glaze over, or they will feel "I am not up to this".   At bottom is a video of the most published heart and kidney Doctor in the world, who is also hands on, describes the horrific failure of the medical system.

Hint, when the oximeter reads 94, don't mess around, go to the hospital.

Right click and open in new window for a much better view, and print!


Now treating a COVID case and the case is getting better.   Friday

Saturday much better

Sunday worsening cough, other symptoms gone but inflammation and damage of the airway is a big problem and working that now...Asthma inhaler seems like the best likely treatment.


Hint, when the oximeter reads 94, no eff around, go to the hospital.   90% of those who died from the Vax  never went to the hospital.

Temperature Taker


Prophylaxis means preventative.


Then I received these Protocols from a Physicians Assistant friend.



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    1. Nice. I am backing up the blog, again, havent in 4 months. Feel like we are getting close to "that point"

    2. backup completed for nukepro using HTTrack, 4.2GB and 5 hours

  2. Iver-M DOES WORK, I just used it and it started opening the airway within 30 min. Might have just saved me at 60 yrs old. All this hit me suddenly and hard on Fri night, by Mon now I am feeling more normal. I took 200cc's orally on sat, and 200 on sun, and were done now.

    1. Great to hear! The rest of the protocol does a great job even without Iver-M


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