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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Rham Jam, A Trio of Evil Just Now Brought to My Attention. Rham Emanuel (Chicago) and His Bros

stock here.   I was well aware of Rham Emanuel, and the cesspit known as Chicago.


but there is more,

The Zionist brothers Emanuel: (Center): The University of Pennsylvania’s Ezekiel Emanuel, Biden-Harris Covid advisor: “Life after 75 is not worth living”;  “Cases are surging. We need to maximize the number of inoculated students.
Ari Emanuel (right): working in politics and Hollywood;
Rahm Emanuel (left) “Never let a crisis go to waste” (or waste an opportunity to make one); the former Chicago Mayor’s Covid simulation operation: Crimson Contagion

Ezekiel emerged onto the public scene as an advisor and “fixer” for Obama’s signature Affordable Heath Care Act.  And while the Obama-Clinton presidential and policy continuity plan was temporarily interrupted by the Trump victory, he quietly consolidated his position at the University of Pennsylvania, and then re-emerged from the shadows with the roll-out of the 2020 Covid program. 

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