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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Study On Pfizer Vaccine Effectiveness After 1 and After 2 Jabs -- Compared To Actually Having the COVID: Having the COVID Gives Broader Immunity to Re-Infection

This is exactly what I would expect, and it's funny how after I "discovered" this study and published it, that the same topic was front page on Fox News, with the addition that the good anti-bodies are long lived.     

Long lived differs from the prior scary narrative that protection after an infection might be very SHORT LIVED.   

It's funny how they don't point out the obvious, that having the COVID, gives broader protection than just the "manufactured spike protein" defense.

A casual or sloppy reader would miss the point completely.

from the "full text"

The suggested high protection (91%-94% depending on level of community spread) by a previous infection in our study is in line with recently published studies. A study from Denmark suggested an overall protection against reinfection of 81% during the second surge of the COVID-19 epidemic, but with markedly diminishing protection of individuals ≥65 years old [9]. Among health care workers in UK the estimated protection of a previous infection was 94% against a probable or possible symptomatic infection and 83% against all probable and possible infections (our calculations based on reported odds ratios) [10].


The study has basically aligned with the "science" before Covid-19.

  • The human body will build immunity when exposed
  • People with weakened immune systems will fair poorly
  • The young and healthy have little fear.
  • Outdoor transmission is rare and difficult.
  • The longer a person is closely exposed (less than 3 feet not 6), such as families and roommates forced to lockdown in small apartments or people in healthcare facilities, the better chance they will contract it.
  • Casual exposure can cause the body to produce anti-bodies even if the person is asymptomatic.
  • Cloth masks/paper do nothing to reduce transmission.
  • Infection from surfaces is rare.

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