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Monday, May 24, 2021

"The Atlantic" Voice of the Cabal, Pimping Out mRNA As our Savoir! Using Money For Zuckerberg To Finance the Narrative Campaign

 Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.....hmmmm

Same folks that funded "Election Help"?

As a parable of scientific progress, I sometimes imagine the life cycle of a tree. Basic scientific research plants a variety of seeds. Some of these seeds fail entirely; the research goes nowhere. Some seeds become tiny shrubs; the research doesn’t fail entirely, but it produces little of value. And some seeds blossom into towering trees with abundant fruit that scientists, companies, and technologists pluck and turn into the products that change our lives. For years, mRNA technology looked like a shrub. In 2020, it blossomed in full view.

Unless, perchance, it is a deadly depopulation killer upon re-challenge with another cornonavirus


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