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Thursday, May 27, 2021

"The Hill" Is Still Pretending That Jan 6th Killed 5 People Including Police Brian Sicknick


  1. Post was erased; This is important.

    How fucking dare you denigrate a fallen officer and American citizen that is dead. You dance on his grave extoling a lie, to show how great you are. Sicknick can't defend himself so you decide to show just how callus and demented you are. What next stock; go after his mother and show her your true hatred for her dead son? You are a psychopath through and through. You won’t let a man rest in peace and because of your impulsivity, callous, un-feeling, lack of empathy, narcissistic, antisocial behavior gives you the right to dance on his grave.

    This is who you are;

    Psychopathic traits commonly include:
    Antisocial behavior
    Superficial charm
    Callous, unemotional traits
    Lack of guilt
    Lack of empathy

    The small world you live in will keep getting smaller.

  2. @Anonymous May 27, 2021 11:11 (!!!!)

    And your point?


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