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Sunday, May 9, 2021

The "Jab-Jump" aka Shedding -- Personal Proof It Can Happen -- And the Scientific Backup Available

stock here -- There is no smoking gun on the "shedding" issue.   But I have
evidence that holds heavy importance in the matter.  My personal experience that I have just lived through.   I will present that.

Also below is the Pfizer study the MRNA creation, which clearly shows they expect transmission from one person to another, by inhalation, skin contact, or intimacy.  It doesn't prove that transmission is going on now, but before they hit the limelight, it was honestly discussed.

And finally, Del BigTree.   A real reporter with some more resources than I have. 

Del BigTree interviews Jeffrey Jaxen, a Journalist who did some real search, even getting Pfizer to respond at least once.    Its about the 45 minute mark where this topic takes off. 

Pfizer responds paraphrased "this mRNA is not a virus, therefore it cannot shed." 

Pfizer is using a cop out, a definition game.   And by definition, the word shedding only applies to viruses.  So they have their "out".   Too easy.   And the low information folks which latch onto that like a Pit Bull.


May 4th I went out to dinner with 2 girls.   Japanese style, it was pretty crowded I didnt notice any obvious empty tables.    We were seated right past the concerige, so basically everyone who came or went went past us.    Not ideal, but I sure wasn't thinking "shedding".   I was just happy to be out and having some great food.   It was the second time since last summer.

May 6th I woke up feeling weird, very weird, cancelled work, 

1) Blurry Vision

2) Muscle Aches and a feeling of being tight, although I stretch daily.

3) Headache

4) General Malaise

ASIDE: I had COVID in early 2020, kicked it in 30 hours, so I had good original T-cell defenses, which should have bolstered by the actual COVID.   So I considered that I had COVID again........... not likely!

OMG! I realized that I had exposed myself to high levels of freshly vaccinated people.  Honolulu is SO LIBERAL, they all love the Jab!

A friend had recently tested positive in preparation for a surgery.   So I had gathered the home treatment PROTOCOL (check this link it kicks ass).

I had most the materials on hand already.   I found an Internet Doctor to prescribe the Ivermectrin, which conveniently was exactly what I also needed for my upcoming Bird and Butterfly photography trip to Costa Rico.    More on that story, but not quiet yet.

So I started the PROTOCOL immediately.   I was in horror that I put myself in the ultimate "shedding scenario".    I still worry there could be ramifications.   I did a hot Jacuzii bath with a full bag of Epsom (8 lbs) and Bi-Carbonate

By 8PM I felt very normal, and went back to work.   The Jab Jump symptoms are very similar to COVID.  

One dinner partner got very sick the next morning, worse than me.   And she had never had COVID, so I was worried.  Put her on the PROTOCOL early on 5-7-21, by the end of 5-8-21 she was pretty well fixed except the cough, which had gotten worse.   

On 5-9-21 the cough had gotten even worse, not better.  Found another 25 page "home treatment" COVID guide, which was at the edge of ability to understand, so consulted a Certified Physician Assistant friend.  

She clarified things and was able to treat with materials already on hand, even though the Albuterol was expired, the CPA explained it will be just fine, and use up to 8 inhales as often as every 4 hours.    4 times the normal Asthma dose.

That is were we are at NOW.   She is doing better.

3rd Friend, on 5-7-21 when she heard of possible COVID in our group, did a drive through COVID test, which came back negative on 5-8-21 late in the day.

So its not a perfect Double Blind Test.    

But it lends credence to two things:

1) Transmittance, the Jab-Jump, <aka falsely used by definition Shedding> seems not just possible, but likely happened.

2) The COVID Protocols work for Jab Jump, and likely Flu


Pfizer Evidence

I want to make a list of all of the Sites trying to debunk this.   There is no debunk, it is beyond obvious and clear. 

Page 66 and 67


The journalist researcher presents a number of scientific papers that talk about "vaccine transmittance"

Sorry I can't embed this one.

45:00 minutes in, ends around 1:02.    Looking for video that says "Finding Their Voice"


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