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Friday, May 28, 2021

"The Mad Jewess" Calls Out Commie Twitter -- Covering Up VXX Deaths

 This Header graphic was just too much of a come on, so I had to keep reading.


brandishing your VXX card online, and mocked non VXXers seems almost to be a death sentence!!!   DO NOT DO IT -----

They were warned by their own sad, but I had to think....if blood clots are a real risk, why not administer some anti-clotting agent also?

Also, noted before herein, the focus on the J&J non mRNA Jab, seems to be a very intentional "look here not there" misdirection, distractor, time waster, so the real issues can be missed, Missy.


  1. Hi, I am "The Mad Jewess"
    No, my header is just me.

    Im relatively new to posting on this vxx stuff. So, I dont know what you mean.

    My mom and step dad got the vxx and then my mom got super sick.

    After that, I started posting about it. Around April.

    I saw your Assad post: The world demonizes him because the cabal of global Commie wackos are pissed that he refuses to bend.
    I DID blog about Assad for many years.
    IMO, he is heroic.

    Ciao :)

    1. My Dad died, after a cardiac event, but "came back", all 48 hours after the Pfizer Jab.

      The comment about "they were warned" pertains to the second part pointing at the 57 year old VXX shamer

      Aloha out

    2. I have been "on" the Vax since early last year.

    3. Hi again... Thank you for all your work on this. These people are not content enough with taxing us into oblivion, making the people into propagandized idiots and homo's...Now, they're murdering people by vxx and the people LOVE IT!

      Its sickening.
      TY God your Dad made it out alive!!

      God speed.
      TY for linking me.

    4. Ya Dad just barely made it.

      I think the trans "movement" is actually quite a bit than just the gay thing. Poor kids these days, poor indoctrinated college types.....and they think they are "woke" to a new better reality, when cause and effect would quickly show any sentient free willed being that current course of events is only to the worse.

    5. Off topic but-Its really sick to me that many of my own people are totally involved in this bs.

      Back in the old days, the uber relig Jews would beat the hell out of a Jew that tried to get involved in politics and life outside of the tribe.

      I would LOVE to be the leader of a group like that, lol.

    6. Be mad, get even! Better yet get ahead. What drives them to this, and there are so many now in Gov, they can't all be sociopaths and psychopaths.

    7. On my own website, I have gotten even.
      Lots of times :) For over 12 yrs now.

      what drives them?
      Read behind the lines about Barabbas.

      Many Jews chose Barabbas over Jesus because he was a POLITICAL 'savior'.
      Because they did this, those same type Jews choose political saviors to THIS VERY DAY.... Ie: Obama, FDR, clinton, ETC!!!

      Plus, Jesus said: "You will not *SEE* me again Jerusalem, not until you learn to cry, 'blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord"

      They were BLINDED (psychologically and spiritually BY Jesus)

      When a Christian nations TURNS from God, GOD allows the blind (leftists and Leftist Jews) to lead them.

      Wake up the church!!!

    8. I fear the "main church" has been captured, I was "born" Roman Catholic, but with all the lies and child rapes and such, must distance myself. But the sacking of the prior pope and the installation their Jesuit Tool is the last straw for me. I also remember watching live video of the Milwaukee Archdiocese several Christmas' ago, and it was clear to me that all Priests shown had completely lost their souls, it was so clear and another wakeup.

  2. I have two in the extended family who just " Forgot to eat" a few months after the mRNA injection.

    I have an aunt who has had stomach pain and the "Sh*ts" for many days now, but because she had the injection it "cant be covid"

    All so Sad.

    The State of Israel wont even allow our religious courts to function properly, that includes arresting agents who attempt to coerce those who deny a divorce ( get) document to their wives...

    As to Homosexuality, look up Atrazine and Tyrone Hayes ....the stuff is literally in the water, they will have their 10% no matter what...

    Religious Isralite / Hebrews pray all evil people should perish three times a day...and for the return of the House of David ( Beit Dawid) no wonder they (secular) hate us. :)

    1. Thats AWFUL!!
      I also didnt know this about the gay water! DAMN!!
      I pray against the evil also and I am a Jewish Christian.
      (I know, oxy moron)

      I fight for you, you know. I feel bad that you Israelis like us have a sh't govt :(

    2. So sad to see bad things in your immediate family, and being knowingful and yet unable to help....."where did you get your damn medical degree in" type of response, if you get any honest type response at all.

    3. I did a quick story on the Atrazine, did not want to lose the topic.


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