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Friday, May 21, 2021

Trying To Explain What Is Really Going On With Israel, Hamas, and Palestine

Following is not my opinions, but results from a request to explain Israel, Hamas, and Palestine

Please chime in also!

And Israel is reported to be the most Vaccinated place on Earth!     I kind of doubt it.


 –] Charlesmelissa • 6 pts • (+6/-0) • yesterday

[–] CryptoBard • 5 pts • (+5/-0) • yesterday

Khaz mafia, those who call themselves jews but are not, through the old money families stole Palestine from the Palestinians because "Hitler" so the ones fighting back against the seizure of their homeland were labeled Hamas, terrorists, dehumanized so genocide could be justified by kike media.

[–] Starfire11 
 • 5 pts • (+5/-0) • yesterday

When a circumstance exist various groups try to make use of it.

Israel exists to keep Saudi Arabia in check.

It exists to host Jewish scams and criminals fleeing countries where they got caught.

It exists to host a variety of human testing from medical to crowd control.

Palestinians are a combination of human test subjects and hostages Israel can leverage to manipulate Arab nations.

It exists to destroy the Jewish population and to save it depending on who you're talking to.

It exists as a backdoor for infiltration and sabotage to the other nations. Russia uses it to get into the USA, the USA uses it to get into Russia, but really both countries just get massively sabotaged by giving Jews leverage when on their own they really offer nothing at all.

What's going on is the superpowers are looking at the big picture of interacting with Israel and deciding as a group that Jews are out. They're an unnecessary layer of complication that no one wants to deal with anymore. This is why Israel is trying to get into Indo-Pacific geopolitics desperately. They have to expand to a new area to play malicious middle man or they won't be able to survive. Little do they know, the same mechanism that is cutting them out of the Western world was applied simultaneously to Asia.

[–] xmasskull • 3 pts • (+3/-0) • yesterday

Let me explain,joos are fucking no good,lying,mother fucking cheats,that think the world owes them something more than everyone else,where as the reality is that if every fucking joo in the world would disappear EVERYONE else would benefit greatly.

Any questions?

[–] vrd • 1 pt • (+1/-0) • yesterday

When Hitler removed some jews out of Germany, he allowed them to take their assets elsewhere. It was either Madagascar or Palestine, some reason he allowed them to go to Palestine, which many jews recognize as israel.

Over many years jews slowly purchased land and eventually formed their israel. Now they simply force muzzies out of their own houses and take it.

jews have a plan to form Greater israel. Look up Greater israel Project, or Greater israel Plan. israel wil eventually be from Egypt to Iraq. Obviously jews will take it by force killing anyone who gets in the way. They will use the US military.

[–] Poaladin • 0 pt • (+0/-0) • yesterday

Khazarian leader is caught between Sultan and Pope, must choose one to pay tribute to as ultimatus have arrived.

Has idea to avoid paying tribute... becomes Jewish.

Problem solved.

But wait, there's more.

Jews aren't paying tribute to anyone. Khazarians have an idea to be like the Sultan or the Pope. Khazars will take tribute.

This scam evolves into the body known as the world Jewish Congress which is run by Ashkenazai... Khazarian descendents which have no genetic relationship to Jews or ancient Israelites.

While there are many factions within the Khazarian descendents, they operate in parallel against the rest of the world.

The Palestinians are genetically Jews. While they don't practice Judaism, they are the actual descendents of the Jews.

Notice the dual citizens in US government... in media... in finance. They are Khazarian... fake Jews.

The Khazarians are super racist and race jealous and look down upon the other Jews while seeking to exploit other races by pitting them against each other. Pitting the Christians and Mulsims against each other... religions of peace, mind you... is how they've survived without reprisal.

By killing off the real Jews, the Khazarians eliminate future competition while stoking the flames of conflict whereby Muslims and Christians have a feeling that military intervention is warranted.

To the World Jewish Congress, the real Jews are expendable. According to the Khazarians, all the other Jews literally stink like animals.

They're all jews. 1400 years ago , some jews convinced other jews that they were different.

Since then, the world has spent hundreds of millions of lives, dollars and effort to get these jews to coexist.

It hasn't worked....because, those profiting off it don't ever want it to.

The global scam however,(fleecing people of their culture, people, and power) couldn't be working better.

The only solution is to nuke the "holy site" and the 100M surround it until it's so dead that not even bacteria could survive being there. And then hunt down those who promote the "religion" and the "social projects" that these fuckers have been spreading for the past 2000 years.

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