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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

University of Michigan Now Pimping For The Cabal -- Giving Advice On "The New Normal"


Though progress is being made against the COVID-19 pandemic, daily life will continue to be impacted after it’s over. The Alumni Education Gateway gives you access to the expertise of the University of Michigan community in order to better navigate the “new normal” and appreciate the outdoors as the weather warms.

Alumni Education Gateway | Alumni Association of the University of Michigan (

----------------------------- They completely ignore HIIPA

Who Has a Right to Ask if You’re Vaccinated?


April 25, 2021 2:56 PM

Why a false controversy about vaccine privacy and “passports” threatens to prolong the pandemic.

What do kindergarteners, people taking exotic vacations, health care workers and Ellis Island immigrants have in common?

Most of them had to prove, in one form or another, that they wouldn’t spread deadly infectious diseases to others.

Without that proof, they couldn’t start school, get on a plane, work in a hospital or start a new life in America.

They’re just a few examples of the long-established right for public institutions such as schools, employers, governments and businesses to protect the health of others by requiring individuals to provide proof of vaccination or of a past infection, or seek a medical or religious exception.

So why has COVID-19 vaccination become a lightning rod for controversy over “vaccine passports” and claims of violations of medical privacy or individual rights?

It’s actually a tempest in a teapot, say two University of Michigan Medical School experts.

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