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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Vax Jab Puts 140,398 People in The Hospital per the VAERS CDC Site, Same Time CDC Issues Cutesy "What to Expect" --"You might get a sore arm or the chills"

 I tried to run a report of all the hospitalizations.    And it was an "overflow" beyond the ability of their computer to respond with the details.    

Same day CDC issue cutesy guidance on "What to expect"

Here is where you can run the same report.  I will try some by age group too.;jsessionid=06B2E1F91CED0600622C3949DDED

Right Click image and open in new window!!!

Oh my, there is a 1-2 year old girl with a reaction to the Vax, destroying her red blood cells.   From Moms breast milk, and Mom got the Vax.

Rate of Daily Jabs is going down, but that didn't stop this Brain Blood Clot from
killing this young Mom!

And in Michigan a Mom, Annie, 35 YO, died of complications of the J&J Vaccine!

Here is the cutesy CDC Guidance!

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