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Saturday, May 29, 2021

VXX Deaths In Europe, Over 12,000. Injuries Over 1 Million! All The Details With Breakdown By Type of Jab Is Here

 stock here: I  know what it takes to pull together information in this format, it's a boatload of work, many hours of tedious work, and that comes AFTER other necessary basic research. 

So thanks to whomever made this!



  1. I have a question. What if anything will happen to those who survive the initial "Jabs"? And what is the story on those who have been vaccinated actually "shedding"? Can the unvaxxed be infected by the vaxxed?

    1. Sheesh, long answer went away, short answer, yes, they can shed and do, and it can also take down existing COVID immune T-cells, so it really sucks.

    2. If you survive the initial Jab(s) then it does look like there is some protection for you against getting COVID. However, the issue is murky. They claim a max efficacy of 95%, so 10,000 with the Jab, 500 could get the COVID. But they are claiming "breakthrough cases" at only 1 in 10,000. So the glaring data mismatch needs to stay front and center.
      That said..
      If You Get the VXX AND You Get COVID, You Have a 10 Times Higher Chance of Death, Then If You Just Get COVID In The Wild


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