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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

What Have They Injected You With!!!??? Why Do Magnets Stick To The Injection Site Of The Jab?

 stock here -- also some chatter on the net about not doing MRI until 6 to 8 weeks

after the second Jab.

Chart on right is from CDC

For these findings, the team outlined this guidance:

  • Add questions regarding COVID-19 vaccination dates and laterality of administration to all intake forms for breast imaging exams
  • Assess the lymphadenopathy as BI-RADS 3
  • Recommend follow-up ultrasound within 6-to-8 weeks after the second vaccine dose
  • When clinically appropriate, schedule screening MRI 6-to-8 weeks after the second vaccine dose to minimize the chance of detecting reactive lymphadenopathy that will prompt follow-up imaging


  1. Wait until the other fatal side effects kick in.

    1. The next Flu season could be a doosie, with cytokine storms a plenty. Maybe that is the rollout for the Great Reset


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