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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

A Few Thoughts About Antibody, Antigen, and T-cell Testing

stock here -- prelimary research, hope it pushes your research forward.

I donated blood last October through the American Red Cross. On their app I can see that I tested “positive” for the antibody. So in turn I identify as vaxxed. 


Don't get the shitty antigen tests from Walmart.

You want this test:

It's not cheap, but it's a t-cell test. If you test positive, you are immune to COVID.


It's less about price. You want a t-cell test. Having antibodies doesn't really mean much. What you need to know is if your t-cells will fight the virus. The t-cell test tells you if you are actually immune.


Quest Diagnostics will test for antibodies, if you get your doctor to order it then health insurance will pay


Nope. That test is for the coronavirus antigen. OP wanted the antibody test. They are different tests. OP, just have your CDC proof of vaccination properly filled out. The end.

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