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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

All COVAX Have Certain Batches Which Kill At Up to 70 Times the Normal Rate -- Rogue Killer Batches

God save you if you were unlucky enough to get one of the "Killer Batches".

This data is from VAERS.   I never thought to look at the VXX down to the Batch Level.    I was horrified when I saw this last night.   Their quality controls must have been terrible, racing to market with Big Gov breathing down their necks. 

Spread the word!   Pfizer is the first, J&J is the second and every single batch of theirs has killed at least 1 person!   Moderna is the final chart, one batch killed 70 people!!!!!



  1. That's a WOWzer, stock. (What do you bet "batch number" dies its own death soon as a datum in VAERS?) Very valuable information for those who have documented their very own "batch number" when they took their shots(s).

    Give a whole new tenor to the phrase "shot in the arm", does it not?

    1. Good points there. Hey FYI some of my email is down hard and just not on the top 10 list. New post coming, I think you will be much safer where you are. Its time to update and verify all the preps, the time is nigh.

      I will embed the actual spreadsheet data so people can verify their batch and thus their risk.

    2. A third way is by making the target population more susceptible to pathogenic microbes. RNA interference can inactivate specific genes in the body, inhibit expression of important bodily proteins, disrupt physiological function and heighten the effects of a bioweapon attack.

      Gates "The second one will get their attention" Giggling and smirking


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