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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Awesome Site (On Facebook, Sorry) Debunks the BS Scary Stories Wisconsin DOH Is Putting Out, Using Old Data from 2020 And Bullking Their "New Hospitalization" Numbers 

Wisconsin DOH Reports 43 "New Hospitalizations" Today, but there were ZERO today, and only 2 in the last week, 4 in the last Month. 


Only 4 of today's reported new
hospitalizations occurred in the last 30 days. 

10 occurred in 2021 and 37 occurred last year. 

2 even occurred over 1 year ago. 

This is the "data cleanup" DHS has been referring to.   Data cleanup is using old bullshit data to keep people in FEAR and COMPLIANCE

You can see this information if you download this file each day and compare it to the previous day. By doing this comparison, I can see all of the daily changes DHS is making to their data. I'll try to take some time later today to show more of the daily changes that I found.

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