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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Biden Says We Get Our Rights Because "We Were Born" And We Yield Those Rights to the Government

18:50 of the clown show, men put on jackets, they must have been informed that "show time is neigh"

23:50 The Clown shows up.   "It's been a long day for y'all" <ya because you asshats made us sit here in the sun for half an hour while they were tuning up your drug salad.....>

Biden, our human rights are God given-- EXCEPT Biden never says God, he might confuse it for "the thing".   He stumbles, because back in the day he might have said God....but he stumbles and says you get rights because you "are born"....which nicely precludes those humans that never get born and can therefore be ripped apart at any age, even 1 day, 5 minutes before being born.

26:30 We do not derive our rights from the Government, We possess them because....we were born, and WE YIELD THEM TO A GOVERNMENT

27:30 The importance of a free press and freedom of speech.

Did you note that Biden speaks with his back to an open and operational roadway.

30:40 I caught part of President...Trumps, I mean Putin's press conference.

39:40 Putin said he would invade Russia

40:15 Taking first question from reporter....let me take my coat off its hot in the sun.   We will respond cyberly.    Without quoting Putin directly, which would be inappropriate.

Noted that Biden had a preprinted list of which reporters he was going to call.   So the questions were pre-approved.

"China hell bent on election."

48:12 Reporter, black lady, who got 3 questions, when everyone else got 1 question......Putin saying he is cracking down on opposition leaders, doesn't want to see a Jan 6th event, doesn't like to see groups like BLM start up.   

48:20 Biden -- laughing, my response is what I said, what literally criminals to break through doors, go into the capital and kill a police officer.    There is no comparison to BLM <paraphrased>

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating"

Lady reporter "Why are you do confident he is going to change his behaviour...." as Biden was walking off stage.

What in the hell do you do all the time.....walking back "threateningly"

53:50 Last Minute question, Biden already leaving...Lady asks about military response to ransom-ware attacks.   Biden listens, hands shaking, and then just says "Thank you very much", {but on the military issue.....} Biden we didn't talk about military.


  1. when he takes off his jacket it really looks like he has a bulky strap around his chest ...

    1. I agree, its weird. Maybe it like a circulation device to get more blood flowing, It is sure not a body armor.


  3. This is babble. He's a creep who believes his lies. No American gave their rights to the government. Fools and babbling idiots.

    1. I think "they" choose Dementia Joe because he could be convincing to their base, while not even understanding his participation in dismantling of the prior USA


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