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Monday, June 14, 2021

Bill Barr and Joe Biden Tied Into 911, Event 201 (Agenda 21) Avril Haynes Attends and Then Gets Rewarded As Director of National Intelligence

Seen first at Flying Cuttlefish 


 Ron Klain is the White House Chief of Staff, and he was the Ebola Response Coordinator. Seems like these Pandemic peoples get rewarded.


  1. Comment earlier Sir,"Somehow, those psychopaths need to be de-powered."

    Well, a breakthrough has been achieved, where today we understand the science of Pandemics. Charles Lieber and his colleagues used nanowires to create a transistor so small that it can be used to enter and probe cells without disrupting the intracellular machinery. Lieber's team coated the hairpin nanowire with a fatty lipid layer (the same substance cell membranes are made of), the device was easily pulled into the cell via membrane fusion, a process related to the one cells use to engulf viruses and bacteria.

    I'll bet these buggers hide the patent for SARS-CoV-2 (names and institutions) but we're peppering the field,won't matter.

  2. It is this topic that got Housatonic banned from YouTube along with all the others telling the truth about Covid and vaccines.


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