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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

China Writes to UN About Foreign Genes Injected as Gene Therapy Vectors, And Bioweapons Against Genes Unique to Certain Races Gates said, "they will take notice of the second one"

A third way is by making the target population more susceptible to pathogenic microbes. RNA interference can inactivate specific genes in the body, inhibit expression of important bodily proteins, disrupt physiological function and heighten the effects of a bioweapon attack.

And a fourth way is by making biological attacks more stealthy. Foreign genes or viruses can be introduced into the target population asymptomatically by means of gene-therapy vectors, enabling a biological weapon attack to be mounted covertly.”

A new generation of biological weapons. Research into genetic differences and susceptibility to pathogens among different populations and species can lead to the creation of racial bioweapons based on genetic differences between races.”

This is the final UN report, that has incorporated China's submission, which is posted above in parts.   Its from 2011. 

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