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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Chris Busby Exposed Website

 stock here: This is an interesting website I mean to explore.

Chris Busby is considered a hero among anti-nuclear activists.   He wins court cases against nuclear and radiation bad guys.

He helped me put together a plan for a Gamma-Scint food and materials testing workstation.

So are they going to promote or attack Busby (possible as controlled opposition).....sorry no time for the answer, need to get ready for a nuclear skirmish, and the second bioweapon.   Or should we say the third, with the vaccines being the second bio-weapons.



The Internet as a source of information

The Internet is increasingly the focus of psychological operations, disinformation, misdirection and propaganda. This works. In some kind of Darwinian way what people believe becomes the result of a distillation based on interest, novelty or excitement rather than on facts. None of this is new, of course, but has now become an important part of a fight which is going on in the world about the true nature of exposure to uranium weapons, and also to ionising radiation from nuclear energy leaks and licensed releases.  This website has been created in order to counteract the web attacks on Chris Busby’s credibility which have been increasing recently in proportion to his success in creating serious questions about the health effects of ionizing radiation and about the health effects of exposure to Uranium Weapons.

A major problem has been the misinformation and bias which has been inserted into Busby’s Wikipedia entry. Those who have kindly become involved on the side of the truth have not always had sufficient information to deal with the issues and correct the entry. For this reason we have placed on this website below the true story of Busby’s life and his research. Everything written is the truth and is referenced where possible to internet sources and other independent sources in the same way as Wikipedia requires. Therefore we ask anyone who has the time or energy to use this information to expand or correct the Wikipedia article. This battleground is a focus for the human energy required to break the stranglehold which the nuclear industry and military have on the scientific belief that is used to continue to contaminate the world with substances which are killing us all. And the science, the human energy, the cleverness and love is on our side, even if the money and power is on theirs.

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