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Friday, June 18, 2021

COVID Prescription Drugs That Work and How to Get Them

 I had to wait until back in the mainland to easily use insurance, and it finally worked.    The peeps at
Walmart had no idea what Ivermectin's modern day use was.   

But in Hawaii they tried to step between me and my doctor and make sure that he wasn't prescribing "for the wrong reason".    The female at Walmart actually shot out at are not trying to get this for COVID are you?

The marxists are more "well trained" in Hawaii.

There are online doctors that will either have forms, questionnaires, and then they may followup with emails or texts.    I am sure there are scammers out there, so use a bit of commonsense.


  1. Dr. Here relates MD groups that do tele or web medicine. Much A-1 info as well

    1. i see, and in the eyes of a psychopath, it was a "necessary crime against humanity"

      Mahalo for the link.


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