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Monday, June 7, 2021

Current Semi-Fake Cyber Attacks Are Part of the Next Phase of Globalist Abuses

stock here -- let's go to the punchline.   "They" are mostly faking some cyberattacks, so that their Global Meeting on July 7th 2021 can conclude that there is only "safety in numbers", in order to protect the information grid, we need to interconnect the entire information grid, and put it under central "monitoring" aka control. 


CYBER POLYGON: Why the NWO Globalist Cabal is Ramping Up the Ransomware and Cybersecurity Attacks Worldwide

Cyber-security & Ransomware Attacks




Quite conveniently, there has been a suspicious spate of high-profile ransomware attacks and cyber-security compromises in the USA and beyond since POTUS imposter Joe Biden took office.

Clearly, these black cyber-operations and MSM-conducted psyops were deliberately carried out before the upcoming Cyber Polygon conference begins.

After an utterly staged and fake COIVD-19 pandemic, there’s simply no better way to shut down the entire planetary civilization than to perpetrate a series of cyber-attacks across the world community of nations.  Particularly a cyber-security attack that so threatens national security it could trigger a nuclear war is there potential for bring the world to a standstill.

Let’s face it: the power elite really screwed up with their highly flawed execution of THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC.  Therefore, they have backed themselves deeply into a corner— WITH NO WAY OUT.

Where 9/11 occurred only in the back yard of those living in New York City and Washington, D.C., OPERATION COVID-19 has taken place on all seven continents and in everyone’s back yard.  Hence, every resident on the planet has an interest in knowing what the hell really happened with the COVID CON.  And, how such an obvious and vast international criminal conspiracy was allowed to occur and be incredibly covered up to this very day.

As a result of so much anger and frustration about the devastating CORONAhoax, people everywhere want answers—NOW


  1. Get back on your meds. Another conspiracy and then another, when will it end (never). SOTN is a cheap right wing propaganda website with no substance, no links no nothing !! I see from their site where stock gets his garbage and wants you to believe in him and not the story because it's all about him and how great he is to bring to you misinformation, where you have to decide which is true and which is not.
    Garbage in garbage out.

    1. And the multiple scary cyber attacks don't strike you as odd? Especially attacking energy and then food. How about a water system attack soon? And then throw in a toilet paper attack all basis covered.

  2. My goodness, I think we have live one! Thank you, dear "anonymous", for your revelatory obviousness. I recommend your studying -- this is remedial reading, by the way -- "Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression" []. You could be less obvious, you know!

    1. LOL I have been promoted to right wing narcissist it seems!! Oh by the way, on a flight, sitting next to obnoxious fat white female hill billy, my only way out was to read some super technical geophysics papers. I do believe I came up with the prime mechanisms on how Galactic cosmic rays prime and then trigger volcanic eruptions and quakes, esp in silica rich magmas, and the answer is the hydroxyl ion OH- will expose more on that in true narcissist ways..

    2. Now, stock, please tread carefully -- if at all! -- on the supposed "myth of Narcissus". My dear Narcissus, much maligned -- as Miles Mathis might write, BLACKWASHED -- for centuries, holds the key to Self realization. I have undertaken a PROJECT to rehabilitate the myth and, by extension, to re-establish its truthful contribution to humanity. More on this as I progress.

  3. Back on topic -- thanks for the diversion (divurgement), "anonymous", always helpful in sharpening DISCERNMENT -- given
    (1) the apparent unraveling of the COVID narrative,
    (2) the recycling to dialectical "foundations" of the hoax (e.g., briefly, "man-made vs. natural", "China vs. US vs. ALL OF THE ABOVE", "[faux] "vaccines" vs. effective, low-cost medications [HCQ, ivermectin, vitamins, etc.]"
    (3) the likely EXITING from the puppet show of Gates of Hell and Dr. Faucistein,
    then it seems likely SOMETHING EVEN MORE WICKED (than the COVID scamdemic) HEADS OUR WAY!
    I would think (a) regional shut-downs of web access and (b) selective, widespread power outages (especially during summer months in the Northern Hemisphere) rank pretty damn high on the list of possibilities!

    But then, what do I know, a simple-minded, connect-the-dots fellow? So, I consulted with Kurt Russell and piloted the third of his "escape" series: ESCAPE FROM THE USA. So far so good. Details upon popular demand!

    1. Its been hitting 100F on the back deck here, lack of aircon would be terrible, although I do have a solar powered aircon "in stock" along with 30 PV panels. Note to self -- Order the effing racking systems TODA

      oft said....their ability to push propaganda, only by phone, would be curtailed should they shut down power. So maybe only in specific areas, whereby scary stories could be created.

      Also note, some of my email is "down hard" with a fishy rollout by Godaddy, spectrum, and other free services, coincidental with my relocation, hmmmmmmmmm


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