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Saturday, June 12, 2021

FDA Makes Using Blood Plasma To Cure COVID Illegal, Removes A Cure To Push People Into the Vaccine Instead


Lets cut to the chase.   My second call revealed the real reason that "Convalescent Plasma" is no longer in demand.    The nurse as the ABC Blood Center in West Bend Wisconsin, indicated that since the Vaccines were "out" that the FDA removed the ability to use Plasma, they all but made it illegal!

Once the vaccine production was going strong in Early February, the FDA all but made it illegal to use Plasma to help in treatment of COVID FEB 4, 2021 

In order to instead of cure COVID --- Promote the Vaccines!!!!

The FDA justified their latest assault on Americans by saying that C.Plasma was not shown to be effective except at early stage COVID.   And then they define "early stage" as not in a ventilator, intubated.    Aiyaiyai!!!    Once you are vent it is pretty much a death sentence!!!!!!!!!

So I called the Red Cross today -- 1-800-733-2767 

I inquired about donating plasma to help someone who may get COVID.    A lady answered and it sounded like a black lady working out of her house.

The conversation was not clear quality, but I left with the impression that she said that so many people had donated COVID recovered Plasma, that no more was needed. 

But she did want me to donate platelets, which takes longer, like 2.5 hours, and that these were on an "emergency" need list.    I imagine so, with all the blood and heart problems caused by the Jab Spike Protein running amok!


---------------------------------- These other organizations also deal with blood

National organizations

 The website for ABC indicates they are in the COVID Plasma scene.

Wisconsin 9

  • Blood Center of Northcentral Wisconsin[69]

Memorial Blood Centers[70]
The Community Blood Center[71]

Some laws about donations and eligibiltiy 


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