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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Hawaii May Allow Travel After "Enough" Residents Get VXX'd -- State of Hawaii, Gutted, No Energy, No Aloha Left!

stock here, I am on the inside loop of a Physicians Support Service, relevant information on how to avoid burnout, and other business decisions and guides, meditation, and now "connection".

I have been meaning to do a report about Hawaii, and the reality of the COVID scenario and the China

Ige (Governor) Marxist mouthpiece.    But it would take hours.    And it is not an overall good story.

Masks on the beach

24/7 State taxes being used to push out lies via paid commercials

Insane rules and regulations

Sheep that can't think to literally save their lives 

China Ige issues 29 back to back 2 week emergency orders, and no one says a word about it.


 Jeff, stock  here

Totally agree with the connection idea.   Noted when I went to Hawaii in October, the spirit and aloha was widespread.    The additional 6 months of restrictions and scary news, and “clusters” had completely changed the island.   After a year, people were still trying to spread aloha!    

But another 6 months, and they were tapped out.   They gave up.  MISSION Accomplished

My email was all screwed up can you confirm you got this?


As the COVID-19 pandemic began to envelope the world in the spring of 2020, Hawaii imposed a quarantine on out-of-state visitors and aggressively enforced it, arresting violators and threatening them with $5,000 fines and up to a year in jail. The restrictions had their pros and cons: While Hawaii had one of the lowest infection rates in the country, its tourism industry suffered tremendously and the state unemployment rate soared from 3% to 24%. In April 2021, a year after it cratered, statistics from Hawaii's Department of Labor showed that number was back to 8.5%.


Maui was even worse, with a draconian testing regimen

Travelers to Maui who aren't vaccinated will no longer be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival, a move that eliminates one travel restriction as vacationers flock to the island this summer.

The popular Hawaii destination ended the testing program on Friday after a month of test results found just a handful of positive cases among visitors and residents.

"I think the time has arrived,'' Maui Mayor Michael Victorino said this week in announcing the end of the testing.

Maui began secondary testing at the airport on May 4 because of concerns a growing number of vacationers and residents returning from the mainland were bringing the virus with them. Fully vaccinated travelers were exempt. Travelers were required to take the test to bypass a mandatory quarantine.

Look at this horrible waste, and of the 29 of 92,963 how many had symptoms?

Maui conducted 92,963 rapid coronavirus tests at the airport between May 4 and May 31, and just 29 rapid antigen tests came back positive, according to Dr. Alan Wu, co-founder of Doctors of Waikiki, which ran the program.



  1. I just returned from the Big Island…had to have a WuFlu test before I flew in, and another after I landed given that I’m not infected with the “vaccine”. While there, the Commissar who inhabits the Governor’s office lifted the requirement for wearing masks outdoors. Did that stop covidiots from wearing them outdoors? I watched the parade of these zombies walk around and just shook my head in amazement

    1. Stockholm Syndrome "we still care"

      LOL Wisconsin
      Houston, we have a problem.

      Anecdotal notes from the street. Fleet Farm is kind of a cool store. The "Gun Bar" is immediately visible to the left as you enter the store, they also have food, clothes, and injectables for your live stock.

      There was not a single mask wearer as patrons or employees (maybe I saw 1). This comment covers all races and sexes.

      Walmart, different story. about 50% wearing masks, the workers were not forced to wear masks but some did. Black and brown people were almost entirely masked, but not all. 90% of white people were not masked. But one MW Masked Whitey turned the corner into my aisle and saw me shopping with no mask and she literally jumped back in horror and fear. My god! she got within 4 feet of a non-masker.

      Went to the old German Beer Garden and there was not a single mask among hundreds.

      Sendix food store, 90% mask free, including the workers.


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