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Thursday, June 10, 2021

"I Feel Like I Won't Take Off My Mask Until Everybody Does" or "I Still Care"

Houston, we have a problem.

Anecdotal notes from the street.   Fleet Farm is kind of a cool store.   The "Gun Bar" is immediately visible to the left as you enter the store, they also have food, clothes, and injectables for your live stock.   

There was not a single mask wearer as patrons or employees (maybe I saw 1).   This comment covers all races and sexes.

Walmart, different story.   about 50% wearing masks, the workers were not forced to wear masks but some did.    Black and brown people were almost entirely masked, but not all.   90% of white people were not masked.   But one MW Masked Whitey turned the corner into my aisle and saw me shopping with no mask and she literally jumped back in horror and fear.   My god! she got within 4 feet of a non-masker.

Went to the old German Beer Garden and there was not a single mask among hundreds.

Sendix food store, 90% mask free, including the workers.


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