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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Immunizing Children, With An Experimental Drug, and Without Informed Consent, When The Children Have Little Chance of Harm From The Disease, is CRIMINAL

March 25th 2021


Immunizing children will help schools reopen, said Dr. Emily Erbelding, an infectious diseases physician at the National Institutes of Health who oversees
testing of Covid-19 vaccines in special populations. 

An estimated 80 percent of the population may need to be vaccinated for the United States to reach what scientists call herd immunity, when the virus would stop spreading because anyone with an active infection would be unlikely to encounter many people who could catch it from them. 

Still, some adults may refuse to be vaccinated, and others may not produce a robust immune response.

Oh, look at this female who is in charge of vaccine ethics, whilst informed
consent has been dragged through the mud at best....... 

Oh Wait!    The one in charge of ethic is FAUCI's WIFE, looks like a year of stress is not aging well for her.


And WHO funded that bat research?   It wasn't the WHO.

The newly released emails show one chain involving Fauci in April 2020. In it, a top NIAID official, Dr. Emily Erbelding, informed Fauci and others that a new grant to EcoHealth was for $3.6 million. Of that, approximately $750,000 would go to the Wuhan lab. Roughly $75,000 had already been sent to the lab during year 1 of the grant, she said.

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